7 Must Have Pieces to Take You from Summer to Fall ...

Pieces to take you from summer to fall can be hard to narrow down, and hard to figure out. You have to make sure you pick up the pieces that are timeless and not overly trendy, so they won't go out of style. Although some of the below items could be called trendy, they won't be as in your face in solid low key colors. These are my go to pieces to take you from summer to fall.

1. Leather Jacket

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A leather jacket is my number one of all the pieces to take you from summer to fall, and everyone should own one. This is my favorite piece all year round, but works best in the summer and fall. Whether it's black, white or brown, any color can work with tons of outfits. Wear it on those summer nights and colder days, and then in the fall you can literally wear this every day with everything.

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