5 Must Have-Shoes for Autumn ...

Wave goodbye to your sandals, pack up your flip flops and say adios to your peep toes and sling backs, autumn is here and with it comes rain, wind, cold temperatures, more rain and even snow. But, your feet needn’t despair; you don’t need to swap to Uggs and ugly shoes. There are plenty of adorable and covetable autumn shoe styles to choose from. Here are five of the best, i.e. the best at scoring fashion points and keeping your twinkle toes toasty.

1. Brogues

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Heeled brogues are very ‘19th century school teacher’. They are sexy in a stern, ‘proper’ kind of way, but above all, being made of leather and keeping your feet enclosed they are warm and waterproof. Heel height is what turns these otherwise standard shoes into something extraordinary; opt for delicate, stiletto heels and plenty of pattern detail. A soft brown colour is infinitely more appealing than stoic black.

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