7 Must-Have Types of Stylish Hats ...

If there’s one thing I love about fashion it's when functional necessities double up as a fashion statement, so cue stylish hats. There’s just something about topping off your outfits with stylish hats, and as Jeanine Larmoth so rightly puts it, "A hat is a shameless flatterer, calling attention to an escaping curl, a tawny braid, a sprinkling of freckles over a pert nose, directing the eye to what is most unique about a face. Its curves emphasize a shining pair of eyes, a lofty forehead; its deep brim accentuates the pale tint of a cheek, creates an aura of prettiness, suggests a mystery that awakens curiosity in the onlooker." That being said, let's dive into the world of stylish hats!

1. ColorBlock Fedora

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The juxtaposition of colours in fashion accessories is a subtle manner of embracing the colour blocking trend if you are afraid of looking like a clown. Unless you’re living under a rock, it’s no shock that fedoras are extensively common hats among both men and women. Whilst many would agree that a classic fedora is a must-have when it comes to stylish hats, I suggest choosing to don a colour block fedora instead to ensure your fedora stands out from the rest! Check out this Colorblock Fedora from BEBE.

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