8 Must-Have Vera Bradley Accessories for Summer 2013 ...

I’ve always been a Vera Bradley fan, and now that summer’s just around the corner, there are tons of fabulous Vera Bradley accessories I can’t wait to stock up on. Need a sturdy new beach tote or a pair of colorful flip-flops? How about a sarong or duffel bag in your favorite print? Whatever tops your list of summer must-haves, there’s no doubt these eight fabulous Vera Bradley accessories will have you ready to kick back in style!

1. Seashore Tote

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No summer trip to the beach would be complete without a trusty tote to carry everything from sunscreen to the latest romance novel you can’t wait to get lost in. With a variety of pretty prints and designs to choose from, including a colorful crab, fish, turtle, whale and anchor, the new seashore tote bag is definitely one of the top must-have Vera Bradley accessories for my summer vacation in Hawaii. Visit the Vera Bradley website to pick out your favorite design and make this roomy, sturdy tote yours for $65!

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