10 Must Haves to Be a True Lady ...

During a girlโ€™s school years, she is taught all of the academic subjects such as mathematics and science that will stand her in good stead for a future of intelligence and common sense in the big wide world. However, something that it equally important and something that absolutely not be taught in a classroom at school or university is the tricks and tips of the trade that will elevate you from being a simple girl into a true lady with style and grace; life skills such as these ones are learnt via self-discovery and advice from those in the know both in the real world and online. To start you moving in the right direction, here are ten absolute must-haves for any true lady.

1. Audrey Hepburn Style Sunglasses

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Every self-respecting true lady needs an absolutely stunning pair of sunglasses to take with her on lunch dates and any other errands that she needs to run. The perfect role model to aspire to for sunglass fashion is, of course, Audrey Hepburn, who immortalized the chunky black frames in Breakfast At Tiffanyโ€™s. You canโ€™t go wrong with a good quality pair of dark shades.

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