6 Must-Have Items for a Memorable Winter Vacation ...


6 Must-Have Items for a Memorable Winter Vacation ...
6 Must-Have Items for a Memorable Winter Vacation ...

For those that love the cold, winter vacation is the perfect holiday getaway. Ample preparation is however paramount as freezing temperatures, gusty winds and snowfall will be among the challenges to be dealt with. Knowing what to wear for your travel can be quite a daunting experience especially if you want to pack light.

Winters may vary in different parts of the globe. Countries near the tropics have more chilly and harsh weather conditions as compared to the rest of the world. Winter holidays call for proper planning and equipping yourself with the essentials to make sure you are warm. The most essential of items should include the below;

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Jackets and Parkas are the best defense you can give your body from the biting cold and howling winds. They are great at insulating your body heat and keeping you comfortable. If you are planning to be out of the house, opt for a jacket that is waterproof so you don’t get drenched. A jacket with a detachable hoodie is perfect as it’s easier to pack into your luggage when traveling. Luxury parkas such as those of Canada Goose on 24S website have a fur-trimmed hood that makes them look stylish and comfortable for the winter season.



Gloves are a must-have for your winter vacation. They will keep your hands warm and functioning. The gloves should be waterproof as the jacket to avoid drenching in the snow. Try getting gloves that you can pair fashionably with your outfits to give a chic final look. In this era of the internet and smartphones, clothing brands have come up with gloves that have touchscreen capabilities to maneuver your gadgets.



Jackets have hoodies to cover your head; however, some hairstyles don’t get covered up with the hoodie from the jacket. A woven beanie is great for retaining heat on your head. Surveys report that we lose approximately 40-50% of our body heat through our heads. Keeping your head warm is vital to make sure the rest of the body remains warm. Beanies look great and fit snugly onto the head while protecting the ears from harsh weather conditions.



Boots are a must-have for the winter season. Some people may opt for sneakers but the down-side to other shoes is that they easily get drenched in snow. Boots will keep your feet dry and are great heat insulators. Always go for quality winter boots if you are planning to go to snow-prone regions. The boots should be waterproof with a stable grip on the sole. If you can get padded boots the better as they offer extra warmth for the cold season.



Some winter temperatures drop to levels below 0 °C, calling one to layer their outfits. Layering helps one to keep warm without necessarily wearing a bunch of jackets. When deciding what to pack for the winter weather, choose the items that you can easily layer and are not too bulky. Thermals are basic underwear commonly known as ‘long johns’ that are worn beneath the jackets and sweaters. Thermals use your body heat as insulation against the cold and keep you warm and snug.



Scarves are functional and a fashion statement for women. Scarves are a great way to accessorize and elevate your look. The body loses heat from any part of the body that is exposed to cold. A scarf comes handy to covering the neck and retaining your body’s natural heat. Look for scarves with quality heavy material like cashmere for your scarves. A scarf can additionally double up as protection for your mouth, nose, and ears when the cold becomes too much.

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