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Modern evening wear is all about bending the rules. You know, those traditional dos and don’ts that dictate what jewellery to wear and how long your hemlines should be? These days there’s seems to be a much more relaxed approached to evening wear. However, that doesn’t mean you still can’t get dressed up to the nines! Got a fancy event coming up? Then take a look at these modern evening wear tips for after-dark dressing.

1. Mix It up

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Not all occasions require a glamorous gown, so something more relaxed might be appropriate. These days you can easily get away with working a high-low balance when it comes to modern evening wear. Team something like a classic collared shirt or metallic knit with a sweeping skirt and killer jewels for a casually luxe look.

2. Say It with Shoes

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They say it’s all in the details and this is especially the case when it comes to shoes. A simply strappy stiletto or peeptoe pump just isn’t enough! Footwear can be just as decorative as your jewellery, so try a pair with opulent embellishments or intricate heel designs.

3. Take the Plunge

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When it comes to modern evening wear, don’t be afraid to show some skin. A plunging neckline is one of the most daring looks right now. Keep it classy though by balancing it out with a knee-length or maxi hemline. Also, avoid anything that looks too much like J.Lo’s infamous green Versace number! Alternatively, a floor length skirt with a thigh high split is another chic option.

4. Embrace All Colours

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Do you tend to stick to black or jewel toned colours when it comes to evening wear? Why not step outside your comfort zone and consider a whole kaleidoscope of colours? Shocking citrus colours are great for making a statement, and pastels are perfect for creating an ethereal look. Alternatively add splashes of colour to a neutral outfit in the form of handbags, jewellery, and shoes.

5. Look Good in Leather

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Is it a bit chilly out there? A shrug or shawl is probably what you’d reach for first, but why not go a little bit glam-rock and accessorise your cocktail dress or gown with an edgy leather jacket? It’s a contemporary and off-duty take on modern evening wear. Although, if the event is strictly black or white tie, do not try pulling off this look! It’s best saved for a more youthful and relaxed settings.

6. Make It Multipurpose

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I do love a good multipurpose number, and a knuckleduster clutch bag is a chic way to update your modern evening wear look. A cool knuckleduster clutch, in the style of Alexander McQueen, will double as both your bag and jewellery. No cocktail rings required!

7. Overdo It

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There’s that famous saying that you should always take one thing off before leaving the house so you don’t overdo it with accessories. But where’s the fun in that? Right now, when it comes to modern evening wear, it’s all about satisfying your magpie tendencies and piling on the costume jewellery!

8. Be a Rule Breaker

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Modern evening wear is all about breaking the rules. Or, at least, bending and stretching them a little bit. Some occasions like a black tie or white tie event are still very strict when it comes to evening wear etiquette, but it’s all about knowing your limits and how to work within them. Play up things like texture and colour, and add personalised touches in the form of jewellery.

When it comes to modern evening wear these days, the rules are much more relaxed and allow for your own personal style to shine through. You can still look glammed up as well as working some fun and unexpected touches to your look. What are your best tips for stylish modern evening wear?

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