7 Nautical Inspired Clothing from ModCloth ...

When it starts to get warm out after a cold winter, I always want to throw on some nautical inspired clothing. Wearing nautical fashion pieces makes me feel like I am about to step on a yacht to relax on the open seas. I have never been on a yacht, but I can imagine it is very relaxing, certainly more relaxing than the sail boats I used to go on with my grandpa when I was younger. Those trips consisted of me being told to sit in a corner while my grandparents manned the sails. Nothing about those trips made me want to wear nautical inspired clothing, but the warm weather always does. These pieces can all be found at ModCloth, and they will all make you wish you were on the open seas.

1. Chesapeake Performance Dress

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I absolutely love this dress! The draping over the bust is beautiful, and the bold red and navy blue stripes are striking. Also, the navy blue sash that ties in a bow under the bust line adds the prefect detail. Although I would prefer to wear this dress on a yacht, in reality I am much more likely to wear it to an outdoor party or a on a semi-causal date. I love this dress so much I would even wear for doing errands. I would just be sure to pair it with comfortable shoes. While I love this dress, there are other great nautical inspired clothing pieces from ModCloth to choose from.

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