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Are you living by outdated color rules? It’s been almost a decade since the world was wowed by color fashion advice, and it seems that color consultants are having a revival. Not only are freelance consultants available to show you exactly what colors you should be wearing, and find you the perfect outfits in those colors, but companies are popping up at all the major shopping malls, too. They aren’t sharing the same old advice, either – here’s the new color rules that they’re teaching.

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Ombre Your Body…

Ombre Your Body… Yep, ombre isn’t just for your hair. It’s one of the hottest new color rules, and it’s pretty clever. Ombre is actually a really easy way to give yourself the illusion of being taller, and you don’t need to ruin your feet in super high heels. Gotta be a win, right? To get it right, pick a color and gradually go from light to dark in that color. A dark navy skirt with a mid-blue t-shirt and light blue cardigan, for example. It tricks the eye into making you seem taller regardless of your actual height.



Go CAMOUFLAGE… And no, I don’t mean raid the shops for ACTUAL camouflage. That’s a tough look to pull off, especially if you aren’t going for that ‘90s girlband vibe! If you’re worried about wearing this season’s bright colors, though, camouflage yourself to make it easier. Wearing a neon skirt can seem daunting, because you are inviting people to look at you. Wearing a neon skirt in a lacy texture will distract the eye, and smooth over any lumps and bumps. There is a reason that textures are everywhere this season!


Grab a Suit…

Grab a Suit… Need to look formal, but want to stay on trend? Go for a suit in a really bold color. I’m talking bright pink, or vibrant red. A sharp pantsuit will create a long, unbroken line that makes you seem tall and thin, and it can easily be dressed down a little by teaming it with a floaty top. The only rule? Your jacket shouldn’t overlap with your trousers. It’ll ruin the streamlined effect.


Get Cinched…

Get Cinched… Okay, so adding a belt to your look isn’t new. What colors are your belts, though? Most people have belts in brown or black, or possibly silver or gold. Ditch those in favor of something bright and punchy. Not only will it give you a waist and highlight your figure, but it’s like drawing highlighter across your narrowest part – it draws the eye and just can’t be ignored.


Get Heavy…

Get Heavy… Don’t match your jewelry, either. The days of wearing understated jewelry that will go with anything are over. Instead, make sure that your jewelry adds something to your outfit, and choose bold, bright pieces. Neon anklets and embellished necklaces keep the eyes on your feet and neck, and make the eyes drift over your actual figure. Perfect for days when you’re feeling less-than-confident.


Get Structured…

Get Structured… Don’t avoid colors just because you don’t know how to wear them. Bright orange was all over the catwalk this season, for example, but most people will steer clear because they don’t know how to add it to their wardrobe. Seek out a structured skirt or shorts in the color, and team with a tailored top. Adding some structure and formality makes you look effortlessly chic, and totally confident.


Grab a Spotlight…

Grab a Spotlight… Okay, so this is really one of the old color rules too, but it still needs teaching. Pick a feature that you totally love, and put a spotlight on it! Pick colorblocked pieces that have the lightest areas on your favorite bits, and go darker on your less-then-favorite areas. Make cute shirt-and-shorts outfits with the brightest color across your super-cute bum, or amazing shoes on your feet. You’ll feel so much better if you show off your best features.

With these new color rules, you can forget all about black. Strategically placed colors are the new cool, and you’ll soon have a bright and beautiful wardrobe that has you smiling from ear to ear. Have you ever had your colors done? What did you think?

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