8 New Season Fashionable Bralets ...


Fashion bralet styles this season range from the lingerie-looking to sportier inspired designs. With the spring-summer season meaning an increase in looser fitting and sheer clothing, fashion bralets are ideal if you don’t want your normal daggy bra showing underneath. Wearing bralets can also add an element of cheek to your outfit. Take a look at a few trendy fashion bralets below.

1. Topshop Lace Crop Fashion Bralet

Topshop Lace Crop Fashion Bralet

Price: $32.00 at us.topshop.com

This fashion bralet is very much in the style of your typical lingerie pieces. It is made from lace and comes in a summery yellow colour. Give this season’s sporty chic trend a feminine twist by wearing this lacy bralet under a drop sleeve tank.

Topshop Neoprene Crop Bralet
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