7 New Trends to Try This Season ...

With every season comes a wave of new trends to try, and this winter is no different. Taking a moment to check out the latest ways to wear recent purchases as well as pieces you already have can be a fun opportunity for expanding your closet. The start of each season is a perfect time for determining how to find contemporary looks and make them all your own. While every popular style may not be for you, discovering new trends to try always promises to be an exciting endeavor.

1. Leather Detail

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Of all the new trends to try this season, leather detail is likely the most versatile. Whether it's patched onto a sweater or incorporated in certain portions of a coat, the understated compromise of leather detail instantly adds a polished yet edgy twist to any ensemble. If you're typically not one to sport leather, this is a great way to explore without going too far out of your comfort zone. Now found on everything from clothing and outerwear to accessories, this look is definitely one to try!

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