7 Not Revealing Swimsuits That Are Just as Sexy ...

While I was swimsuit shopping the other day, I couldn't help but notice how there weren't many not revealing swimsuits! Now I'm a smaller girl and have no problem showing off "the girls" every now and then, but swimsuits lately seem to leave nothing to the imagination! Plus, I would rather feel comfortable in my swimsuit instead of being worried that its going to fall apart on me. Thus, I went on a hunt to find 7 not revealing swimsuits that are just as sexy as the barely-there ones!

1. Victoria Secret Push-up Cut-out One Piece

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Starting this not revealing swimsuits list is my personal favorite that I came across, Victoria Secret's "Very Sexy" Push-Up Cut-Out one piece. The design of this swimsuit is super sexy while also covering the majority of your backside and stomach. This swimsuit offers underwire cups for support and removable straps if you prefer the strapless look. You may need to be careful about getting some very zebra-like tan lines with this swimsuit, but at least it will make you stand out from the other string bikini ladies while showing less skin!

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