7 of Kate Middleton's Best Looks as the Royal Baby is on Its Way ...

The news the whole world was waiting for is finally here – Kate Middleton is in labor! It’s reported that Kate and Wills spent a relaxing weekend at home, before being driven to the hospital at around 6 a.m. this morning, and the whole world has been keeping watch since. Whether she has a boy or a girl, one thing is certain – it’ll be all eyes on Kate for the foreseeable future. It seems pregnancy suited the new Duchess of Cambridge – while you are waiting for news, check out these amazing maternity looks!

1. Chic Wool Coats

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For her last appearance before her due date, Kate Middleton went for a simple, classic look. Her custom Alexander McQueen light wool crepe coat featured an oversized collar, three-quarter sleeves and slimming side darts, and she rocked it along with a matching hat by Jane Corbett and a very dapper looking William in his regal dress. Well, it was Queen Elizabeth’s birthday parade!

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