7 of the Best Jackets to Keep You Warm on Campus This Winter ...

When the temperature drops, you will need the best jackets to keep you warm on campus. In a college campus, it can be easy to get lost in a sea of plain jackets that everyone else is wearing. The best jackets to keep you warm are fun, stylish, and will help you stand out without freezing to death. Regardless of if you want to look quirky or polished, you will be able to find some great jackets that are functional and fashionable.

1. Furry Fun

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While all of the best jackets to keep you warm this winter are cute, a fur jacket is cute AND quirky. If you want to stand out from a crowd, a fur jacket is a must this winter. This one is perfect if you want a jacket with a little something else. It will keep you perfectly warm in any weather winter can throw at you, and people will definitely take notice of the adorable ears. If you really want to take your jacket to the next level, white is perfect because most people think its too scandalous to wear white after Labor Day.

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