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7 of the Best plus-Sized Prom Dresses of 2016 ...

By Holly

If you're planning on going to prom this year, you have to start dress shopping! Here's some good news: You don't have to spend a fortune in order to look amazing. According to Seventeen, here are a few of the best plus-sized prom dresses:

1 Chiffon Dress

Chiffon DressBuy it for $44.90 on

2 Metallic Dress

Metallic DressBuy it for $32.90 on

3 Sheer Dress

Sheer DressBuy it for $128 on

4 Ruffled Dress

Ruffled DressBuy it for $149.40 on

5 Body Hugging Dress

Body Hugging DressBuy it for $149 on

6 Off the Shoulder Dress

Off the Shoulder DressBuy it for $221 at

7 Embroidered Dress

Embroidered DressBuy it for $129.50 on

Which one of these dresses is your favorite?

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