Old 90s Shows That'll Give You Style Inspiration Today ...

The 90s are back in a big way. Everywhere you look, your favorite shows are being rebooted, we’re listening to the music from the time, and more than anything, our style is heavily influenced by the decade. If you’re looking for style inspiration from your favorite 90s shows, look no further than this list!

1. Friends

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Friends was a classic from the very moment that it premiered on our televisions, and while that was mostly because of the hilarious jokes, it’s hard not to point fingers at the glorious fashion choices as well. We all have that person whose style we admire the most from the show, whether you loved Rachel’s style, Phoebe’s style, Monica’s style, or even Janice’s style! It’s hard not to be inspired by the style from this show!

2. Boy Meets World

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Maybe it’s because I always wanted to be Topanga Lawrence as a child (okay, so I still want to be Topanga as an adult) but I still find myself watching the show and being inspired by her style! She started out with a bohemian style that became more classic as the seasons went on, and I was obsessed with everything she ever wore, even the more eccentric pieces!

3. Full House

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Whose style did you love the most on Full House? There were so many people to pick from that it’s hard to choose! Whether you were a little more 80s inspired like D.J. Tanner or a little more sophisticated like Aunt Becky, I think we’re all still inspired by Full House’s style choices, whether we know it or not a lot of the time!

4. Fresh Prince of Bel Air

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Maybe it’s the bright theme song that sticks out in my mind, but when I think of the style on Fresh Prince of Bel Air, my mind immediately thinks of bright, neon colors that catch everyone’s eyes. This is one of my favorite shows to get style inspiration from, because everyone’s style was so different. You had Will’s eccentric pieces, Hilary’s gorgeous and chic outfits, Carlton’s sweater vests, etc. I find myself pulling style inspiration from each one of them in different ways all the time!

5. The Nanny

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Fran Drescher, who is probably better known as “The Nanny” officially became a style icon after her 90s show of the same name premiered and captured pop culture. Even today, people are still absolutely obsessed with her look. She wasn’t afraid to let her style be larger than life, and it’s what made her one of the biggest 90s style icons that we’re still paying attention to today.

6. Sabrina the Teenage Witch

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Melissa Joan Hart was such an iconic woman of the 90s. Whether you loved her as Clarissa or as Sabrina, you can’t deny that you didn’t look to her for your style inspiration in the 90s. Chances are that every now and then when you catch a Sabrina the Teenage Witch on TV, you’re finding yourself inspired by her style once again!

7. Seinfeld

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Who isn’t still obsessed with Elaine Benes? I know that I am. Whenever I catch Seinfeld on TV, I’m constantly dying over her different outfits. They were so typically 90s but so cute and fun!

What is your favorite 90s show to get style inspiration from? Let me know in the comments!

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