8 on-Trend and Affordable Denim Shorts ...

Trendy denim shorts are just one way to work a cool and casual summer look. As far as denim short trends go this season, keep an eye out for coloured or printed denim. Basic blue denim shorts can be given the trendy denim short treatment with the addition of a few embellishments. Take a look at a few stylish and affordable denim shorts, below.

1. High Rise Polka Dot Denim Shorts

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Price: $14.80 at forever21.com
If you haven’t already jumped on the polka dot bandwagon then now is the time to do so. These trendy denim shorts have a high rise design and feature an all-over polka dot pattern. They’re a fun choice for the summertime. Simply slip on a loose singlet and pop on some colourful shoes for an outfit worthy of bicycle riding or ice cream eating!

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