8 Opulent Blazers to Glam up Your Outfit ...

Opulent blazers are perfect for working this seasonโ€™s Baroque inspired trends. Simply throw them on over your outfit and walk out the door. An opulent blazer can transform your entire look. Right now itโ€™s all about excess, so think beautiful brocade fabrics, intricate embroidery, and even a few embellishments! If this is a look youโ€™re interesting in, take a look at some stylish opulent blazers below.

1. Sequin Blazer

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Opulent blazers are perfect for glamming up an outfit. Try a shimmery sequin blazer for a high voltage take on the trend. A sequin blazer would look great thrown over a simple outfit of a plain white tee and jeans. Right now stores like Dorothy Perkins stock some amazingly affordable sequin blazers in a range of colours from basic black to electric blue.

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