7 Overall Trends That You Can Rock This Year ...

There have been many fashion trends in 2014 so far, and one of them is overall trends. Overalls are no longer just jeans with a bib front and shoulder straps. They have been altered and modernized into dresses, shorts, and skirts. Overalls are making a big comeback on the fashion scene right now, and a lot of people are jumping on the bandwagon. Are you thinking of adding some overalls to your wardrobe? All of the following items can be found at Urban Outfitters. Here are seven overall trends that you can rock this year.

1. Overall Dresses

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There are a lot of different overall trends, and the first in this list is overall dresses. This dress (pictured above) contains both traditional and unique aspects. It’s made of denim (as most traditional overalls are), but the skirt has been patched with a striped, cotton fabric. Cool, right? And let’s not forget that this item has been designed into a skirt instead of pants, giving it a more feminine touch.

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