7 Parisian Style Tips Every Woman Should Know ...

How many Parisian style tips do you know? Ever since first visting the country as a girl, I’ve been in love with France’s chic style. There’s just something so casual and elegant about fashion in Paris; nobody is ever overdressed or underdressed, and there’s a stylish confidence that’s as far away from smugness as it possibly could be. So it’s no wonder I’ve been collecting Parisian style tips recently: here’s the best ones that’ll change your life.

1. Take Something off…

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Coco Chanel herself once said that before you leave the house you should look in a mirror and remove one item, and boy was she right. Choose one statement piece for your outfit, such as a gorgeous necklace, beautiful scarf or stylish beret, and wear it on its own. We love our accessories, so it’s easy to pile them up, but editing down your accessories before you leave the house is one of the absolute best Parisian style tips. You’ll have that simplistic French look down before you know it.

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