9 Perfect LBDs ...

There's no doubt about it-we all need that one perfect little black dress-or two, or three-okay, so maybe we need several perfect LBDs! Hey, we're women! We don't need an explanation for why we want 5 dresses in the same color, right? Black is the most versatile, sexy, modern color and it looks good on everybody. Perfect for any occasion, be it party, funeral, wedding, first date, the office, class reunion or meeting your new in-laws. Here are 9 Perfect LBDs for your special occasion!

1. Mossimo Women's Sateen Dress

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Price: $27.99 at target.com
This is the classic, perfect Little Black Dress. A perfect example of the timeless piece we all should have hanging in our closet. This is the dress you can wear to the office with a cardigan and a belt and then wear to a first date with a scarf and sexy heels. It does it all! And for such a good deal.

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