7 Perfect Workout Tops That Will Make You Look and Feel Fabulous This Fall ...


7 Perfect Workout Tops That Will Make You Look and Feel Fabulous This Fall ...
7 Perfect Workout Tops That Will Make You Look and Feel Fabulous This Fall ...

Oh goodness, is anyone else super excited about fall and all those new workout tops to go with the season? One of the best parts about the weather getting crisper is the fall attire that comes along with it. Lace, leather, jewel tones, and cut-outs are all part of this fall’s must-haves. So many of these trends can be transformed from our daily look to our workout attire. Here are just a few workout tops that are trendy enough to love and comfy enough to hate taking off.

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Drop Needle Tunic

Drop Needle Tunic Yes, this is actually a workout top. It took some pretty big convincing for me to believe this adorable sweater was meant for a sweat session, but it is. This tunic is one of those workout tops that is perfect for aerobics and yoga classes since it is loose enough to move while the drop needle design keeps it breathable. Add in the cut-out back and you have a top that could be worn to more places than the gym alone. Find it at Nordstrom.


Nike Seamless Funnel

Nike Seamless Funnel Nike has done well with the teal-colored workout sweater. Not only is the color head-turning gorgeous, the cut and neck are just as incredible. Did you notice the thumb cut-outs? I did! This sweater is a little bit pricier at $150.00, but I love it enough to overlook that slight imperfection.


Victoria’s Secret Cold Weather Pullover

Victoria’s Secret Cold Weather Pullover Victoria’s Secret is one of my go-to places for workout attire. Their workout leggings and sport bras are incredible and so are all their workout tops. This pullover sweater is one of my new Victoria’s Secret favorites with its simple lines, comfy neck, and slimming color. This top is also machine washable, moister wicking, and reflective... Just a few more reasons to love it!


New Balance Women’s Impact Hoodie

New Balance Women’s Impact Hoodie At $39.95 from Amazon, this workout top is one of the least expensive tops for fall on this list. This New Balance hoodie comes in multiple colors and has that two tone look so many of us have fallen for. There are five color options to choose from, including black/neon, light blue/pink, coral/maroon, pink/lime green, and dark blue/pink. I think I need them all.


LuLu Lemon Forme Jacket

LuLu Lemon Forme Jacket This performance, LuLu Lemon, zipper jacket is as nice on the eyes as it is for our work outs. The Forme Jacket is made of Luon for super moister absorption, breathability, and movement, and comes in enough colors to wear one each day of the week. This zipper hoodie also comes with enough pockets to make our purse jealous and those oh-so-needed thumb cut-outs.


Nike Dri-Fit Knit

Nike Dri-Fit Knit This Nike knit zipper hoodie looks like the type of jacket I could wear forever. Love the two tone, love the neckline, love the super comfy fabric, and am obsessed with the seriously lovable price tag. At $89 this could be my favorite hoodie listed here, nay ever. The only downside to this comfy top is that I may never take it off.


Victoria’s Secret Sweater Shirt

Victoria’s Secret Sweater Shirt This is another one of those workout tops that I would feel as comfortable wearing out for the day as I would wearing to my favorite yoga class. The top is slightly see through and comes in three different color options. It is also loose enough to reduce that annoying bunching and pulling effect, but without running the risk of falling off during down dog. Sure, it may not be the best cold weather sweater, but there are warm days during the fall, right?

Fall is one of my favorite times of year; we get crisp weather, cute boots, and some incredible sweaters to keep warm in. Thankfully, our workout attire can get some fall upgrades as well. Sure, buying all of these would give my wallet a panic attack, but there are a few on here that I simply cannot go without. What are some of you favorite workout tops for fall?

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