7 Perfect Workout Tops That Will Make You Look and Feel Fabulous This Fall ...

Oh goodness, is anyone else super excited about fall and all those new workout tops to go with the season? One of the best parts about the weather getting crisper is the fall attire that comes along with it. Lace, leather, jewel tones, and cut-outs are all part of this fall’s must-haves. So many of these trends can be transformed from our daily look to our workout attire. Here are just a few workout tops that are trendy enough to love and comfy enough to hate taking off.

1. Drop Needle Tunic

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Yes, this is actually a workout top. It took some pretty big convincing for me to believe this adorable sweater was meant for a sweat session, but it is. This tunic is one of those workout tops that is perfect for aerobics and yoga classes since it is loose enough to move while the drop needle design keeps it breathable. Add in the cut-out back and you have a top that could be worn to more places than the gym alone. Find it at Nordstrom.

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