7 Pieces from Forever 21 That You Wouldn't Believe Are from There ...

If you’re like me, then you’re constantly shopping for new pieces from Forever 21. The store is inexpensive and has an incredibly massive inventory. Because there are so many different items everywhere you turn, it can get a bit overwhelming. Sometimes the quality of Forever’s products match their cheap price tag, however, if you look (read: dig) hard enough, you can find some pieces that look way more expensive and chic than you’d expect to find. For your convenience, I’ve put a list together of 7 pieces from Forever 21 that you’ll do a double take at!

1. Marled Oversized Collar Coat

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This high-quality jacket is a great example of one of the pieces from Forever 21 that exceeds expectations. It’s heavyweight with a full liner to keep you extra warm and keep your coat lasting longer. This poly-wool blend has a snap-button collar if you want to change up the look of the coat or keep your neck extra warm in the chilly months.

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