7 Pieces of Customisable Jewellery ...

Individuality is one of the greatest markers in fashion, hence the popularity of pieces of customisable jewellry. With so many mass produced items out there, choosing something that’s completely unique is becoming harder. If you want to try something that will add a touch of individuality to your outfit, start looking at pieces of customisable jewellery. A fine piece provides an excellent opportunity to be a complete individual. The following are just a few to get you started.

1. β€œCarrie” Style Name Necklace

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Price: $29.95 at bestpersonalizedjewelry.com
This is easily one of the most iconic pieces of customisable jewellery. Made famous by the style savvy Sex and the City character, this piece is a must for fashionistas. While a bit ubiquitous, you’ll always feel fabulous wearing one of these necklaces. Let the whole world know exactly who you are -- even if Carrie isn't your name!

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