9 Playful Pinafores to Wear This Season ...

Those looking for pinafores to wear this season will be spoilt for choice. The pinafore, more affectionately called the pinny, is a fun option for the spring and summer months. Pinafores follow on from the dungaree and jumpsuit trends, but their dress-like shape makes them much easier to wear. The following are a few playful pinafores to wear this season.

1. Topshop Moto Clean Indigo Pinafore

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One of the most versatile pinafores to wear is the classic denim one. This indigo denim pinafore from Topshop would make a great addition to most wardrobes. The indigo denim looks smart and polished, and it’s a style of pinafore that could be mixed and matched with a number of items. Team it with a striped t-shirt and tan sandals for a casual everyday look and throw in some colourful accessories for a playful twist.

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