7 Pointers on Finding the Best Jacket for Your Body Type ...

When you’re shopping for winter, do you think about getting the best jacket for your body type? My decision making process when it came to buying a jacket consisted of whether it was cute and if the price was right. Boy was I wrong. Buying a jacket requires some thought since you’ll most likely be wearing it for most of the season, you’ll drop some dough on it and you want it to look good on you. If you’ve never thought about finding the best jacket for your body type, try following some of these helpful pointers the next time you go shopping. I think you’ll love the results!

1. Lifestyle

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When you’re searching for the best jacket for your body type, don’t forget to think about your lifestyle. No matter how cute the coat, why buy something that doesn’t suit your needs. If you’re constantly outdoors in the cold and you buy a belted trench, it’s not going to be very functional and you’ll only wear it on rare occasions. Even if you have different jackets for different occasions, keeping your lifestyle in mind will ensure that your purchase will be well worn.

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