7 Polka Dot Items That You're Sure to Love ...

For many years I did not have any polka dot items in my wardrobe because I thought they were only for little girls. I now know how wrong I was! Polka dot items do not have to be for little girls only. If worn correctly, they can look very sophisticated. They can even look sexy or edgy depending on what you pair them with. I tend to go for the sophisticated look, but with so many styles to choose from you can wear polka dots in any way you like. A great place to look for polka dot items is Mod Cloth, which has a wide variety of fashions to choose from. It is also where all of these great polka dot pieces come from.

1. Flash FΓͺte Top in Dots

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There is something incredibly special about shirts that have details in the back. They have a slightly sexy vibe, while also remaining fun. The Flash FΓͺte Top in Dots is no different. The bow detail in the back is a surprising element of this top. From the front, it seems as if the sheer crΓ¨me top with black polka dots is a relaxed top that is a little on the plain side. However, when you turn around people will see how great this shirt really is with the low cut back and bow detail. This top is one of the polka dot items that you will look fabulous in, especially if you wear it with colored skinny jeans. I think cobalt blue would be perfect!

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