Powerful Women Who Don't Sacrifice Style to Be Strong ...

As a woman myself, I love finding women who inspire me. However, as a lover of fashion, I love when powerful women don’t sacrifice their style in order to be the powerful women that they are. These women are strong and aren’t worried about being viewed as less strong for loving fashion, and I think that’s amazing. These women don’t worry about sacrificing their femininity to be viewed as strong and powerful. If you’re looking for powerful women to look up to with a great sense of style, these are the women who you should be looking up to!

1. Michelle Obama

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I think it goes without saying that Michelle Obama is one of the most powerful women in the United States, if not the world, and yet she still makes fashion a priority. She’s a First Lady that we will remember not just as a style icon, but for her activism as well, which isn’t always true of our First Ladies!

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