8 Pretty Fall Dresses ...

Fall Dresses are one of my very favorite things to shop for this time of year! My linen summer dresses aren’t quite right for the falling temperatures, but m winter dresses are still too warm, so I’ve been looking for something in-between, and my favorite shop, Anthropologie, has loads of them! If you’re looking for fall dresses, keep reading! I’ve made a list of my favorite fall dresses, and here they are.

1. Tangerine Flicker Dress

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Price: $358.00 at anthropologie.com
What better way to celebrate the season than with this gorgeous tangerine-colored fall dress? It’s made by Tracy Reese, and features delicate contrasting embroidery for visual interest. Add emerald green or black accessories, and you’re set for the office or date night (or both!).

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