8 Pretty Patchwork Pieces ...

Patchwork Pieces are a great way to work the current craft trend into your wardrobe. Taking a cue from the craft movement, anything with a slightly homespun feel will be key to creating this season’s latest look. It’s all about working patchwork pieces into your wardrobe in a way that you feel comfortable with. To keep things more chic and less homely, look for slick pieces in sharp designs. Take inspiration from the following patchwork pieces.

1. J.Crew Madras Checked Cotton Shirt

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Price: $90.00 at net-a-porter.com
An easy way to work some patchwork into your wardrobe is with a simple shirt, such as this button up J.Crew number. It is made from cotton fabric and features multicoloured check patchwork pieces. The look is equal parts preppy and casual. Wear this shirt with denim jeans, tan shoes, and a slouchy side bag.

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