7 Prom Dress Styles for 2013 ...

Prom is coming up quick for many teens and that means new prom dress styles for 2013! Prom dresses are a representation of you are and what your personality is all about. You have to decide between short or long, green or pink, and straps or no straps! Well Iโ€™m here to help! If youโ€™re a teen who has the big dance this year, you definitely need to check out some of these prom dress styles for 2013!

1. Long and Slinky

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Dresses donโ€™t have to be short to be sexy! I absolutely love this option for prom dress styles for 2013 because it is a classic. Youโ€™ll look simply majestic with your dress spinning as you dance with your perfect date! And even if you donโ€™t win prom queen, youโ€™ll undoubtedly be the queen of the dance floor!

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