8 Ravishing Retro Swimsuits for Summer 2012 ...

Retro swimsuits 2012: stunning, vintage, flattering suits made to fit any body type and designed to make any girl or woman look like a knockout on the beach. The most amazing retro swimsuits of 2012 are evocative of the suits seen on 1950s pinup girls, a throwback to a more glamorous age with modern twists that bring them into the now. Forget skimpy little string bikinis, or suits that look like teeny triangles stitched together with a few pieces of floss and a promise. Instead, check out these exquisite vintage swimsuits, and see if the retro look won't work for you.

1. Beach Blanket Bingo Two Piece in Red

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Price: $89.99 at modcloth.com
Lots of retro swimsuits 2012 style incorporate polka dots. That's a retro trend if ever there was one. This is one of my favorites, because no one does vintage charm like ModCloth. In classic tradition, the top is a halter, which provides a lot of flattering lift, and the bottoms have a signature high waist that creates a gorgeous shape while hiding any problem areas. It's also incredibly festive, and provides a lot of coverage for a two piece suit.

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