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7 Reasons We Love Forever 21 ...

By Ashley

The reasons we love Forever 21 are simple. All of my shopping trips consist of going to one place only because it fits all of my needs in one store! Here are some reasons we love Forever 21 and why you will too!

1 It’s Affordable

One of the reasons we love Forever 21 is because we can actually shop there without feeling bad about spending $100 on jeans. Let’s face it, the first thing we do when we see something we like in a store is search for the price tag. Contrary to Jessie J’s beliefs (it’s not about the money, money, money), when times are tough, it totally IS about the money. If a pair of jeans costs me more than $40, and that’s a stretch, I’m not buying them. At Forever 21, I know I can get at least 2 or 3 pairs of jeans with that kind of cash.

2 The Clothes Fit

Forever 21 has sizes that fit everyone. Especially when buying jeans, I have a very hard time finding ones that fit because my body proportions are not "standard." The clothes also stretch and the sizes run big in comparison to stores like H&M and Hollister so that you can comfortably fit into something without it being too big or too small.


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3 They Have a Variety of Styles

Not only does Forever 21 have clothes that fit but they also have clothes you can wear everywhere. I’ve noticed that a lot of the styles are very versatile. For example, one of their edgy dresses I know I can wear to a gig, but pair it with one of their blazers and I have a fantastic outfit for work! Nothing can beat that!

4 They Have Outfits Every Season Year-round

Forever 21 carries shorts and crop-tops in the middle of February when it is less than freezing outside in NYC. This is convenient for people like me who go on vacation to warm places during the winter, or just like to plan outfits for upcoming seasons. Who doesn’t love to shop for spring break when school has just started?

5 They Have a Men’s Section

Forever 21 definitely made a good move adding a men’s section to their store. Now we women can buy gifts for the men in our lives when we’re shopping for ourselves! This way when we come home with 10 new bags of clothes they won’t feel too left out. Or when we drag them with us they actually won’t mind spending too much time in that one store.

6 The Nail Polish is the BEST EVER

This is something I’ve learned recently due to the fact that I play multiple musical instruments that require hand movements that aren’t always too gentle on manicures. However, I’ve been buying the (very inexpensive $2) nail polish from Forever 21 and they stay intact for at least a week and a half. Not only is it worth the money, but they also come in lots of different solid shades and fun glittery colors too!

7 It’s Just Convenient

I want to say that 9 out of every 10 items of clothing I own were purchased at Forever 21, and now you know why. This store is my go-to for everything fashion-related and since it’s so cheap, I can go anytime, not just for special shopping occasions. From $1 socks to $3 earrings to $30 winter coats, all color-coordinated with the cute jewelry and stylish shoes - I’m loving it!

Forever 21 stores are located all around the US, Canada as well as the UK, China and Japan. Shop at one today so you can see the reasons we love Forever 21 in person! Different locations have different clothing so be sure to check out various stores if you can! What’s your reason for shopping at Forever 21?

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