7 Reasons Not to Wear Real Fur ...


7 Reasons Not to Wear Real Fur ...
7 Reasons Not to Wear Real Fur ...

There are so many excellent reasons not to wear real fur. It really can't be justified, unless you live in an incredibly cold climate and it's the only thing that will keep you warm. Fur farming is a horribly cruel industry and involves so much suffering. And what for? To satisfy human vanity. So here are some brilliant reasons not to wear real fur …

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One of the major reasons not to wear real fur is because of the suffering that it causes to the animals. There isn't the space here to examine the fur industry in detail, but be aware that it's not just luxury garments that use fur. Relatively cheap items may use fur from cats, dogs or rabbits. Isn't that horrifying? Whatever the animal, they suffer cruel conditions and a horrible death.



By refusing to wear real fur or buy any items using it, you are making a statement that you refuse to support the suffering involved. Of course, it helps if you publicise your statement. Contact designers and manufacturers who use fur, and campaign against the fur industry.



Many of us have pets. As I've mentioned, animals that we keep as pets are often used in some countries for their fur. Does it shock you to think of a cute little bunny being turned into fur trim? So it should. But then it should be shocking that in the 21st century, people still think it acceptable to wear fur. Let the fur stay where it belongs, whether on a "pet" or a wild animal.



Is it ever justifiable to kill an animal for its fur? I say no. Why should they die just for fashion? As the slogan goes, "fur is worn by beautiful animals and ugly people." Sure, fur is beautiful. But it's not ours to take. Some argue that leather, as a by-product of the meat industry, may as well be used. That's a debatable point. Fur, on the other hand, means killing an animal just for vanity. That cannot possibly be justified.



Some people believe that any animal product is wrong, including wool. That's for the individual to decide. At least animals don't die to produce wool. Fur, on the other hand, ensures the death of the animal. Wearing fur means ignoring the brutal fact that the animal has suffered and died just for someone to look "good." Why would anyone want that to happen just for beauty and fashion?



There are so many alternatives available to make warm clothing, and very few people live in a climate where fur is the best way of keeping warm. For most, it is simply unnecessary. So since it isn't necessary to wear fur, and the fur industry involves such cruelty, it really is wrong.


Fab Fake Fur

These days you can buy some amazingly beautiful fake fur items. So there's absolutely no need to buy the real thing. Fake fur is also a lot cheaper (as well as not costing an animal its life). So you can still wear furry items, but with a completely clear conscience. This way, beauty and ethics can be combined!

Fur really isn't justifiable, so don't support the fur industry. Boycott any designers who use real fur, and write to them to inform them of your decision. If enough people do that, it may encourage them to rethink their use of fur in their garments. Do you think wearing fur is ever acceptable, or are you totally opposed to its use?

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Thank you for putting this up i believe more people need to know that fur is unnecessary

meat and leather really have the same issues attached...

Sad people needs more reasons besides the fact it is cruel and simply unnecessary.

Have never owned anything with real fur and don't plan to. Don't support it at all.

Nice post.

I refuse to buy down comforters... this is 10x worse than fur, which is bad also. Can you image being kept in a cage just to be plucked repeatedly?? It's pure torture. Breaks my heart. If sheep don't get sheared its real painful for them, so wool is okay. If you want to buy fur, try buying it second hand. :)

Umm, one good reason: synthetic fur is typically made using horrible environmentally unfriendly chemicals, and the byproducts are often worse. The ones that are ok for environment are generally extremely expensive and not "made in china" or PRC...

This article is really interesting.

I AM PRO FUR! and I shall continue to buy it no matter what, I have 5 mink and fox coats and I love them, though I do not agree with the animal being treated too inhumanely, so I purchase the fur pelts from Canada and have the pieces made by couturiers In Paris, therefore the animal is hunted and artfully constructed into stunning items. They can cost a fortune but its so worth it!

Love my furs.. And my animals! You CAN love both.

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