Undeniable Reasons to Dress for Yourself Instead of Anyone else ...

By Teresa

What is it with this trend of dressing for other people beside you lately? We all put stock in what other people think, but lately so many people have been worried about what the people in their lives will think if they wear certain outfits. Don’t worry about what the men in your life or your friends will think about how you dress. Instead, dress for yourself, and read these reasons to help you accomplish that goal!

1 Are the Most Successful Women Doing It?

This is a question I ask myself fairly often. Whenever I’m wondering whether or not I should do something, I ask myself whether the women I look up, some of the most successful women in the world would do it. If the answer’s no, I won’t do it. I think we can all agree that everyone from Taylor Swift to Michelle Obama wouldn’t dress to impress the men in their lives, so why should you?

2 Don’t Worry about Making Other People Uncomfortable

I constantly find myself thinking this. Because I live in a small town, I overdress for different events fairly often. I’ve come to accept it, but before that, I used to worry that I was making other people feel uncomfortable because I had worn a fancier outfit than they had. The moment I shut that voice up in my head, the easier it became to dress for myself!

3 You’ll Be More Comfortable

When you love what you’re wearing, you’ll be so much comfortable, even if what you love wearing is a great pair of heels. When you’re not worrying about what other people think or what they expect from you, you’ll feel more comfortable in your clothes and skin, which is always a positive!

4 Realize That No One Cares

Think about it: whether you’re out and about running errands or at a family party, are you really walking around playing Fashion Police to everyone you talk to? Chances are that you aren’t, and neither is anyone else. Don’t let the voice inside your head tell you that everyone’s judging you, because they probably don’t care nearly as much as you think they do.

5 If a Guy Doesn’t like How You Dress, You Shouldn’t Be with That Guy

This is a simple rule you should follow. Why would you want to be with a guy who doesn’t like such a massive part of you? If a guy wants to alter how you dress to fit his own specifications, you shouldn’t be with that guy. You should want to be with someone who loves how you dress without changing it to fit his specifications.

6 The Same Goes for Your Friends

Although it is more typical for a boyfriend to try altering your wardrobe, friends could try to do so as well. If your friends are trying to change how you dress to fit their own aesthetic, dump them just like you’d dump the guy in your life. You shouldn’t want to be friends with people who want to alter you to fit their own specifications. There are much greater people out there than that!

7 You’ll Be More Confident

Overall, when you dress for yourself, you’ll start to feel happier and more confident on both your inward and outward appearances. You won’t be worried about what other people think of you, and you’ll be proud to be dressing for yourself instead of others!

Why do you dress for yourself instead of anyone else? Tell your stories in the comments; there may be girls out there who need your help!

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