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Depending on where you live, you may have many second hand clothing stores in your area. Second hand clothing stores abound in large cities, but even small towns usually have at least one. I used to just drive by these stores because it so easy to shop for clothes online. However, I have discovered that shopping at second hand clothing stores has many benefits, not the least of which is saving money.

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Saves Money

Shopping at second hand clothing stores is a great way to save money. Generally, you can find pieces for as little as three dollars. I once had the good fortune to find a cute workout top for one dollar! Even if the clothes are more than one dollar, they generally don’t run much more than ten dollars. Of course, you can shop at second hand stores that carry designer clothes. These clothes are often in the hundreds of dollars, but they are still much less than buying new designer clothes.


Vintage Finds

One of my favorite things about shopping at second hand clothing stores is that there are usually a couple of great vintage pieces. Vintage clothes are so wonderful and have so much character. Wearing vintage clothes is a great way to add interest to an outfit. You just want to be sure to buy pieces that are in good shape, and pair them with more modern items to avoid looking like you are wearing a costume.


Quality Pieces

If you are new to shopping at second hand clothing stores, you may be afraid that you won’t be able to find quality pieces. However, the clothes are often in great shape. You will come across faded items or sweaters that are worn, but for the most part the clothes don’t look worn and are in good shape. In fact, you can often find pieces that have never been worn and still have tags attached.


Allows You to Be Creative

When you go to a department store or boutique, the clothes are often laid out by what is meant to go together. You also see mannequins that are styled a specific way. At a second hand clothing store, there are rarely mannequins and clothes are hung according to what piece they are without regards to what they may go with. This allows you to be much more creative with your style because you are not influenced by what the store thinks goes together.



Manufacturing clothes requires a lot of environmental resources, and buying second hand clothes is a great way to limit your impact on the environment. Nothing new had to be made in order for you get some clothes that are new to you!


Unique Pieces

Second hand clothing stores are great places to find unique pieces. You may come across unusual prints or unusual designs that you can’t find in the stores. Adding some unusual pieces into your wardrobe is a great way to add interest to your style, especially if you keep the rest of the outfit fairly simple.


In Style

While you will find vintage items and unique pieces at a second hand clothing store, you will often find items that are currently in style. Shopping for clothes that are in style at second hand stores is a great way to embrace trends. You don’t have to worry about the trend going out of style or finding out that it was not for you, because you won’t have spent too much money.

Shopping at second hand clothing stores can be very rewarding and very fun. Not only can you find great pieces, but you will also have money left over! Why do you like shopping at second hand clothing stores?

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I once found a pair of Vera Wang ballet flats for $6.

Consignment stores ! Don't forget them!

I just love consignment shops!! However they can become very addicting...before you know it things can get out of hand. It's always the thrill of the hunt for your favorite designers

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