7 Reasons to Wear Light Colors in the Winter ...


Wearing light colors in winter can be a tricky subject, and in fact colors in general tend have all these different clichΓ©s surrounding each of them that I just don’t really understand. As a New Yorker, I am blessed with four weather seasons and thus four fashion seasons, and wearing light colors in winter is frowned upon by so many. But who made my 70-year old neighbor the fashion police? There are many reasons to wear light colors in winter!

1. Brightening up Rainy Days

One unfortunate aspect of winter weather is the rain and snow. And for whatever reason, people feel the need to dress according to the weather which can be practical if you’re wearing rain or snow boots, but why not make those boot a bright and cheery orange or purple? Wearing bright colors on yucky days is said to have an effect on your mood throughout the day as well. Because what would you rather be, a girl with a polka dotted pink and green umbrella or one with a black one eager to hibernate all winter?

Wardrobe Variety
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