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7 Reasons Why You Should Love Wearing Glasses ...

By Holly

You might ask yourself why you should love wearing glasses, when the media commonly associates them with being a geek. While there are still some movies and television shows where the nerdy characters can’t see, the stereotype isn’t as strong as it once was. Glasses can enhance your appearance as well as your sight. If you’re embarrassed of your frames, here are some reasons why you should love wearing glasses.

1 Extra Fashion Accessory

Extra Fashion AccessoryWho doesn’t love to get all dolled up? It can be fun picking out the perfect shoes, handbag, and earrings. One of the reasons why you should love wearing glasses is because if gives you another way to accessorize. You get to choose what color, style, and size frames you want. If you pick the right pair, it can enhance your natural features. So wear those babies with pride!

2 They Help

They HelpPeople take the power of glasses for granted, but the concept is incredible. You’re able to strengthen one of your five senses simply by putting some special glass in front of you. Don’t you hate straining to read? And don’t you love watching that hottie next door grab his mail? Thank your glasses for being able to witness his beauty.

3 Changes Your Look

Changes Your LookIf you don’t wear your glasses constantly or sometimes swap them for contacts, they give you an entirely new look when you put them on. Those that are used to seeing you without them will do a double take when you walk into the room — and not in a bad way! Depending on which frames you decide on, your glasses can make you look more intelligent or sophisticated or even like a hipster if that’s what you prefer. Just make sure you grab the right fit for you. You’ll be thankful you took the time.

4 Brings Attention to Eyes

Brings Attention to EyesGlasses can draw attention to your pretty peepers. However, they can also be a distraction. The right amount of makeup will help make your eyes more noticeable. This gives you an excuse to play around with different eyeliners and shadow. If your frames are a bright color, you might want to stick to simple black mascara and skip any additional colors.

5 Protection

ProtectionHas a bug or piece of dust ever landed in your eye? If you’re outside, glasses will prevent objects from getting into your eye. They won’t stop everything, but they can help. If the sunlight bothers you, you can invest in transition lenses. They’ll keep your eyes safe from the sun’s rays and you won’t have to buy sunglasses to put over your regular pair.

6 Cheap and Easy

Cheap and EasyWhile I cherish my contacts, it can be a chore to put them in, keep them clean, and come up with enough money to buy the solution and prescriptions. Glasses take up a bit less time and won’t dry your eyes out. Of course, glasses can be just as expensive as contacts, but you only have to buy one pair for as long as your prescription lasts. Just be careful not to scratch or snap them. You don’t want to spend more money on new lenses.

7 No Side Effects

No Side EffectsLaser eye surgery can have several effects and can even result in blindness. Contacts can cause infections, scratch or irritate your eyes. Glasses don’t actually touch your eyes, so there’s no chance of causing physical damage. The only pain comes when you first get your pair, because your eyes may hurt or headaches may occur. If the headaches persist, return to your doctor to see if they can adjust your prescription or center of the lenses.

Honestly, contacts are my preferred method of sight, but I’ve learned to love my glasses. Do you wear glasses? How long have you had them?

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