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7 Reasons You Should Be Stealing Your Moms Clothes ...

By Teresa

If your mom is a style star, there’s a pretty good chance that she’s caught you sneaking a few peeks in her closet before now. I don’t actually recommend stealing clothes from your mom’s closet (I can almost feel the angry wrath from all of the moms reading this, including my own) but rather, ask if you can borrow her clothes every once in a while. You never know what you may find when you go searching through her amazing closet!

Table of contents:

  1. She’s already made her fashion mistakes and has learned from them
  2. Her wardrobe is probably much more extensive than yours
  3. She might just have something vintage
  4. Your wardrobe could just double in size
  5. You can breathe new life into old pieces
  6. You may find a family heirloom
  7. Her classic pieces will look great on you

1 She’s Already Made Her Fashion Mistakes and Has Learned from Them

If there’s anything we can learn from our mothers, it’s not to repeat her fashion mistakes. Because she’s already made her fashion mistakes, her closet is probably devoid of any glaring fashion faux pas or issues. If you really want to avoid making fashion mistakes, try shopping your mom’s closet instead.

2 Her Wardrobe is Probably Much More Extensive than Yours

Maybe it’s just my mom, but I feel like every time I mention that a certain piece would look good with an outfit I’m considering, she magically pulls it out of her closet. I need gold sandals? She has them. I need a sparkly black clutch? She has it. Because our moms have been shopping for a few decades longer than we have, their wardrobes are much bigger than ours are!

3 She Might Just Have Something Vintage

If your mom holds onto everything, especially when it comes to clothes, there are pretty good chances that you’ll find a piece she loved to wear a few decades ago that has already gone out of style and come back. If you’re looking for a pair of classic Ray Bans or acid wash jeans, you may just find the perfect pair in your mom’s closet!

4 Your Wardrobe Could Just Double in Size

If you and your mom have a mutual agreement that you can wear each other’s clothes, your wardrobe is essentially doubling in size. That’s not exactly a bad trade off, am I right? Who doesn’t want more clothes to be able to wear?

5 You Can Breathe New Life into Old Pieces

Chances are that there are some pieces in your mom’s closet that haven’t seen the light of day in a few years. Find some of her old pieces and come up with ways to update them for today. Whether the look is for you or her, it’s always fun to repurpose old clothes and make them new again!

6 You May Find a Family Heirloom

Remember those earrings that have been passed down for generations that your mom forgot about? Yeah, well you’ll never find them if you don’t start searching through her jewelry cabinet (with her consent, of course). Family heirlooms, especially forgotten family heirlooms, are so much fun to uncover. There’s so much history to them that makes them even more fun to wear!

7 Her Classic Pieces Will Look Great on You

Once again, maybe it’s just my mom, but she has a lot of classic pieces that I love seeing her wear. I especially love when she lets me wear them, because I can find sneaky ways to make a little more age-appropriate and fun while holding onto the classic look. If your style is classic with a twist, a nice raid of your mom’s closet may be the answer to your prayers!

What are your favorite reasons for shopping your mom’s closet? Let me know in the comments!

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