7 Reflective Sunglasses to Add a Futuristic Twist to Your Outfit ...

Update your outfit this season with some super cool reflective sunglasses. Right now weโ€™re seeing a big trend towards polarized and mirrored lenses on sunglasses. They give off a super futuristic feel and are a great way to work this seasonโ€™s sport-inspired trends. Stay on top of one of the hottest trends this season with these reflective sunglasses.

1. Slim round Sunglasses

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These reflective sunglasses by Jeepers Peepers would make a fashion-forward addition to any outfit. They feature bright red frames with a double bridge design. The reflective metallic lenses donโ€™t only look the part, but theyโ€™re also designed to reduce glare. These sunglasses are exclusive to ASOS and will cost you around $30. Team them with a simple outfit of a striped shirt and denim shorts for a chic summertime look.

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