Every Girl Needs to Know These Rules for Wearing Jewelry ...

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Every Girl Needs to Know These Rules for Wearing Jewelry ...
Every Girl Needs to Know These Rules for Wearing Jewelry ...

I've just recently learnt that there are actual rules for wearing jewelry that I never knew had existed! And whether we are going on a date with the boyfriend, husband, or simply planning a girls night out, there are actual pointers for choosing jewelry for these occasions.

Like with other accessories, jewelry choice can make or break an outfit, so it's important to know which jewelry to wear with an outfit and these rules for wearing jewelry are going to be extremely helpful!

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Make Sure to Balance Everything

Remember that wearing lots of jewelry would somehow be unpleasant to look at. It can be an overkill and just show bad taste. Simply choose one pair of earrings that can be matched with a necklace and bracelet with similar design or style. The jewelry you wear can not clash.

Be sure that the jewelry you choose matches with the clothes that you’re about the wear as well. For instance, bangle bracelets usually match with an elbow length or shorter length sleeve of both blouses and dresses. If the clothes that you're wearing have a collar, try to wear a long type of necklace and save the short type of necklaces for the non-collar open clothing.


Be Confident - after You Put Your Jewelry on and do Not Question Your Choice

Be confident in your jewelry selection and matching style. Just allow yourself to appear gorgeously ready for the night out. Make sure that you use jewelry that highlights your entire appearance especially the face. For instance, earrings may give emphasis to your dazzling eyes and face, drop-down earrings accentuate the length of your neck. While the rings highlight your gorgeous hands. Use bracelets to slim the appearance of your wrists, necklaces for a graceful neck, and hair clips to add beauty to your makeup and balance your hair style.


Your Personality Should Shine through Your Jewelry Choice

Use jewelry that showcases your personality and makes a statement about who you are. Allow your personality to shine, be creative, fashionable, elegant, or just simple.


Enjoy What You're WearinG - It Always Shows

The jewelry that you’re about to wear during the night out must make you feel great about yourself and give you extra confidence. Enjoy being you as you wear the jewelry of your choice. Match everything according to your taste, clothing, and the location of the place you are going to. Just make sure that you’re comfortable wearing the jewelry and if you wear expensive pieces, you are wearing them in a safe environment.

Which rules for wearing jewelry do you know? Tell us in the comments!

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