Save the Planet with an Eco-Friendly Wardrobe ...


The traditional fashion industry is hardly ever out of the limelight, but there is another side to this sector that is rarely mentioned, despite winning over more consumers in recent years. Conventional fashion produces a heavy carbon footprint, given the pesticides and chemicals used to produce fabrics and dyes, the transport involved and the short-lived nature of products. Fashionistas' throw-away attitude is hardly something to boast about. You may despair when you see the ever-changing seasonal offerings in local shops, but there are actually quite a few things a consumer can do to force the fashion industry to mend its ways. Informed shopping decisions mean you only support brands and designers who take sustainability seriously and produce garments Earth-loving shoppers can be proud to wear.

1. Do Research to Understand Whatโ€™s Actually Happening

Before you can call yourself an eco-conscious shopper, you'll need to do research, but with the Internet it's not that difficult. Start with researching how manufacturers and designers manage to get clothing into local shops, looking at the whole process from harvesting silk or cotton to dying fabrics and transporting the stuff to your local stores. Find out the difference between organic, recycled and chemical-free garments and what benefits can be derived from choosing Made-in-the-USA products versus pros and cons of important organic fabrics. This research will help you to make an informed buying decision about what to buy and where to purchase your clothes from.

Heed the Advice from Coco Chanel
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