7 Sex and the City Style Tips ...


7 Sex and the City Style Tips ...
7 Sex and the City Style Tips ...

Style Tips I’m planning to discuss here won’t help you copy-paste some of the fabulous outfits seen on the show but inspire you to find a unique, great style that, although screams Sex and The City, is still your own! And what better way there is to do such a thing than to check out these valuable fashion tips the lady responsible for the often imitated Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte looks, Patricia Field herself, has to share:

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All you need is a great pair of shoes and since these babies are my favorite piece of fashion, the first on my list of style tips is going to explain when, where and how to wear yours. First of all, you may think that running around town in sky-high pumps despite the fact that your poor feet are screaming in protest is so Sex and The City. Well, it’s not! Patricia Field says that, if chosen correctly, flats can be just as stylish as heels! Weather high-heeled or flat, an IT shoe will help you rock all of those outfits you already have in a radically new, stylish way!


Think Your Outfits through

Each and every outfit Patricia Field puts together for her SATC Barbies is a result of an extensive selection during which, as Patricia herself admits, a lot of piece and quiet is needed! Even her brilliant, fashion-accustomed mind needs time to find the perfect match and I’d strongly advise you to follow her lead. A few garments thrown on in a hurry rarely make a perfect outfit so, in case you don’t have time to come up with a new creative number, reach for a sure bet.


Personalize Your Outfit

«How you wear your clothes is important, as it's your way of expressing who you are.» – Patricia said in her interview with OK and I’m pretty sure her words are supposed to help us find that special, unique something to focus on when building that great style. After all, each SATC lady was fabulous in the own way– Sam was sexy and upscale, Carrie was quirky yet fabulous, Miranda had that boyish charm yet always managed to clean up quite nicely and pull of a professional look better than all of her friends and Char… well her preppy sweaters, pretty pastels, feminine sundresses and undiluted elegance with which she wore her gowns just speak for themselves – don’t they? Just follow your heart and wear clothes that are «You»!


Mix and Match

Thrifting is one of Carries favorite sports and it could also help you snag a few awesome pieces and mean, unique accessories to spice up your style with! A few contemporary details, a great bag and the IT pair of shoes will help you transform your fabulous vintage finds into a modern, chic outfit that just screams celebrity style. Isn’t that a great style tip? Well, keep reading as there are more fantastic style tips yet to be revealed.


Know Your Body

Knowing your body and understanding, as Patricia says, «what is a fit and a misfit» is a fool-proof recipe for having great style! What looks good on a mannequin (or somebody else) might not look good on you and you know what… that’s okay! Patricia, for example, loves belts and one of her style tips would be to never forget their importance! A cool belt won’t only complete your outfit but help you transform the clothes you already have into something that looks brand new as well as help you accent the most feminine part of your body – your waist.


Be Creative

Patricia Field is all about creativity and her recipes for success and great style often involve matching clothes that seems worlds apart. «Dress up an old t-shirt with a tailored jacket», she says, reminding you to "wear an accessory to define the statement." Now, we’ve all seen a pretty good deal of that same experimenting in the show – haven’t we?


Don’t Break the Bank

Many people believe money can buy style but Patricia objects pointing out that, "Style comes from another place, not from your wallet." And, if you happen to know at least one person who gets a kick out of clashing logos, you certainly agree this is one of those style tips worth remembering. You can match your expensive designer pieces with off brand ones and still achieve a fabulous, stylish, very up-scale look! But, you know what? You can achieve the same effect even if you don’t own a single designer trinket!

Patricia also says (and I quote) that "Style is an expression of who you are - it's individual" – which pretty much means that, with the right style tips and a good dose of creativity, any lady on this world can look as fabulous as these four on-screen New Yorkers! What do you think ladies? And to which degree has the popular show inspired your great style?

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