7 Sexy and Snuggly Sleepwear Suggestions from Nordstrom ...

For a great selection, sleepwear from Nordstrom should be first on your list. Some are sexy and some are snuggly. What you won’t find are thick granny pajamas. These are all heavenly to touch and sleep in. They’re feminine and guest ready. Would you expect anything else from sleepwear from Nordstrom?

1. 7 Easy Pieces Nightshirt by DKNY

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Here’s a nightshirt in knit and spandex that can easily double as a great fluid top over leggings. The pintuck panels in the front are duplicated on the back for a totally unique look. Sleepwear from Nordstrom never disappoints and this nightshirt in charcoal heather is a great look for fall.

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