7 Sexy Lingerie Items for plus Size Girls ...

There aren’t many places that sell sexy plus size lingerie. I love to dress up and look smoking hot for my husband, but we bigger girls sometimes have a pretty hard time finding just the right attire for that steamy night. I think it’s ridiculous that plus size bras, panties and other lingerie found in regular stores are usually beige, white or have massive floral or gaudy patterns on them. Just because we have larger bodies doesn’t mean we can’t be sexy! I’ve been overweight my whole life. Despite dropping a substantial amount of weight this past year, I’m still on the heavy side. I have found some pretty amazing plus size lingerie items from various sources that I love, so I want to share them with you! I will try my hardest not to use items from hipsandcurves.com for all 7, but it will be difficult because I love every single thing on their site!

1. Three Piece Peignoir Set

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I bought the white version of this plus size lingerie for my honeymoon and my husband LOVED it! At $69.99 from Hips & Curves I know it’s pricey, I’ve never spent that much on lingerie before, trust me. It’s a special occasion type set that looks gorgeous on and I actually felt incredibly comfortable in it. So if you have an anniversary coming up, or you want to plan ahead for Valentine’s Day or just a special night with your special someone, I highly recommend splurging on this little outfit.

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