7 Sexy Summer Bathing Suits You'll Be Blown Away by ...

Do NOT fear, bikini season is near! Ladies, we have ALL been there. Trying to pick out a new, sexy, fun bathing suit before the swimming season can be (at times) next to impossible! Especially after that long winter, away from the sun and gym. Check out these 7 bikini looks and styles that will blow you away and leave you excited for your next trip to the mall! Enjoy!

1. Fun, Crazy Patterns

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When it comes to picking out bathing suits for the summer, bright, fun patterns are ALWAYS a must! For one-pieces, it's sometimes best to stay away from the overbearing patterns because they could look too busy or take away from other things...like your TAN! This bikini is a great example of how to rock the crazy patterns! This suit is adorable!

Source: Maaji Swimwear Lookbook - 2013

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