7 Sheer Panel Outfits That Took over the Red Carpet ...

Sheer panel outfits have become a huge trend within the stars and on the red carpet. This is a great way to show off your killer body while still looking classy (in some cases!). The look can be taken overboard very easily, and needs to be done in small portions. As I say that, some of these stars didn’t get that memo. Here are some of the most statement making sheer panel outfits.

1. Jaimie Alexander

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This is the most daring outfit I may have ever seen, and that is why it tops our sheer panel outfits list. Jaimie stepped out at the Thor: The Dark World premiere rocking this sheer panel dress showing off her amazing body. This is still a dress the media cannot stop talking about. Not only is this a risquΓ© dress but also eyes all over were just waiting for a wardrobe malfunction. The black floor-length cutaway gown featured a sheer panel that started at her neckline and plunged down to her toes. Not only the front, but the back also featured this sheer panel look. Wowza.

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