7 Signs It's Time to Get Rid of Old Clothes ...

Artti Prasad

7 Signs It's Time to Get Rid of Old Clothes ...

If your closet door is about to fall off because you have clothes that are spilling out of your closet, it’s time to get rid of old clothes. Clothes hold a sentimental value to us and sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye to them. Or maybe you spent a lot of money on a particular item and you would feel guilty if you threw it away. However, you can have too much of a good thing, so get rid of the clutter in your closet... it's time to get rid of old clothes.

1 Have You Worn This Item in the past Year?

If you have pieces that haven’t left your closet in a year it’s time to get rid of old clothes. You may have loved it when you first bought it and thought you would wear it more frequently. Furthermore, you still might have plans to do so. But, realistically if it didn’t suit your lifestyle or serve a purpose in the last 6-12 months, it probably won’t be of any use in the future either, so it’s time to say adios.

2 Does This Item Fit You Properly?

As time passes our body changes – some of us grow thinner, some plumper and some more muscular. If your clothes don’t fit you anymore, you’ve probably bought a new wardrobe that does fit. Hence, your ill fitting clothes are just collecting dust. It’s fine to keep a few pieces that used to fit as motivation to fit back in to them. However, don’t keep your entire wardrobe from three years ago if doesn’t fit the same.

3 Is This Your Style?

Trends come and go, you’ve moved to a different city, you’re getting older... there are a lot of factors that change and influence your style. If you’re keeping something because it’s in reasonable condition but isn’t really your style, you won’t wear it. It won’t match with any of your recent purchases and it won’t feel right on you if it’s not who you are anymore.

4 Will This Garment Make It Another Year?

We all have that one piece in our wardrobe that makes our body look stellar, makes us feel on top of the world, looks great with everything and if you could, you would wear it every day! But if you look closer, does it show signs of wear and tear? If it’s starting to fall apart, it’s time to retire your beloved garment. For a substitute, you can return to the store you purchased your original garment from and ask if they sell something similar.

5 Is There Permanent Damage to This Item?

Clothes are meant to make you look good as well as serve many other purposes. However, if your garment has a stubborn stain, has shrunken in the wash or has an un-repairable tear, you won’t be looking too good. If it’s not something you can turn in to your house clothes and it can’t be fixed by professionals, then it’s time to throw it in the garbage.

6 Is This Garment Appropriate for Your Lifestyle?

As much as I like to be prepared for every occasion, there’s no use of having club wear if I don’t go clubbing or athletic wear if I don’t go to the gym. Rather than taking up room in my closet with untouched clothes, it’s better to clear out all the irrelevant clothes to make room for useful ones. Plus, I’ll see what I need to complete my wardrobe to better suit my life.

7 Do You Own Too Many of the Same Things?

Variety is the spice of life! However, if you have 17 pairs of dark blue denim jeans, you’ll survive if you give some away. Too much excess can equal waste. Plus, if you have too many of the same thing, it might be because the first few items you purchased were ALMOST what you wanted but not quite. In that case you’re not losing anything by removing them from your closet!

When you’re cleaning out your closet, don’t literally throw out your old clothes. Instead you can always donate them to a local, non-profit charity. Another option is to sell your pricier items at a consignment store. But my favourite way to get rid of clothes is to do a clothing swap with my girlfriends... you get to trade your items for your friends’ for little to no cost! When do you know it’s time to get rid of your clothes and what do you usually do with them?