Is It Time to Go for a Bra Fitting ...

By Alicia

Is It Time to Go for a Bra Fitting ...

Have you wondered if there are signs it’s time for a bra fitting? There absolutely are. A bra fitting can help you out tremendously. Many women are wearing the wrong size bra and have no idea. These are some signs it’s time for a bra fitting that you can be on the lookout for.

Table of contents:

  1. your bra is gapping
  2. you have spillage issues
  3. you’ve gained or lost more than 10 pounds
  4. you’ve had a baby
  5. your bra is painful
  6. your bra leaves indentions
  7. you’ve never had a bra fitting

1 Your Bra is Gapping

Your bra should never gap at any place on it. It should fit perfectly against your skin. Having a gap in your bra is one of the signs it’s time for a bra fitting. A gap could indicate that the bra is too big. Having a bra fitting can help you to know if you’re in the wrong size or you simply need to adjust the bra better.

2 You Have Spillage Issues

Spillage issues are a sign you’re in the wrong bra size. If this is your issue, your bra is probably too small. This is something that most women deal with at some point. Breast size doesn’t always stay consistent. It can change due to several different factors in your life.

3 You’ve Gained or Lost More than 10 Pounds

If you’ve gained or lost more than 10 pounds then you’re absolutely due for a bra fitting. A 10 pound weight gain or loss can change the size dress or jeans you wear so it’s certainly going to affect your bra size. Most women find that when their weight changes, their bust reflects that very quickly. It can be the first place you seem to gain or lose weight. Do yourself a favor and have a professional bra fitting so you’re sure to look your best in your clothing.

4 You’ve Had a Baby

Pregnancy and childbirth are big changes for your body. Even if you get back down to your original weight, you’ll probably find that your body still seems different. This is totally normal. Have a bra fitting to see what size bra you need after you have your baby. If you’re breastfeeding, your bra size is going to need to be adjusted for that time period, too.

5 Your Bra is Painful

While very few women would say that their bra feels wonderful, it should never actually cause you true pain. If your bra hurts you, something is wrong. It could be that a wire has broken through or there’s some other malfunction. But if that isn’t the case then there’s a good chance that it doesn’t fit properly. In this situation, make sure you go for a bra fitting as soon as possible.

6 Your Bra Leaves Indentions

You might have a tiny line when you take your bra off and still be in the right size. But if your bra leaves deep indentations in your skin then something isn’t right with the fit. The bra could be too small or you just need to adjust it to a looser fit. If you have indents then it’s possible you aren’t getting the support you need from your bra. Don’t put up with discomfort or pain from your bra. Go in for a bra fitting and take care of this issue.

7 You’ve Never Had a Bra Fitting

Many women have never had a bra fitting. If you haven’t then you definitely need one. It’s good to make sure that you’re in the right size. Having a bra fitting is a very simple process and most sales associates that assist you in this are very discreet. If you’re feeling extra self-conscious then ask them to please use extra caution with your privacy.

These are 7 signs you need a bra fitting. Have you ever had one? Did you find you were in the right or wrong size?

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