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19 Signs You Have Too Many Clothes

By Sheila

Is there such a thing as too many clothes? We're glad you asked. While shopping may be fun and therapeutic, you know how easily things can get *ahem* out of hand. Before you know it, your closet is full, your room looks like a war zone, and you have no idea how you got there! Do these gifs describe your life?

Table of contents:

  1. A lot of your clothes still have tags on them
  2. Sometimes, you find clothes that you don’t even remember buying
  3. You can barely contain your excitement when it’s sale season
  4. You find excuses to buy clothes you don’t really need
  5. You actually get pretty good at finding space for all your new clothes...
  6. You have the same outfit in different colors just because it fits so well!
  7. Carrie bradshaw is your hero
  8. You don’t have to do laundry often but when you do, it's a long, boring process...
  9. You've reached the "can't close your dressers anymore" point...
  10. You own a lot of hangers ....
  11. Sometimes it feels like you have nothing to wear!
  12. When your significant other tells you that you have a problem…
  13. You love giving away your old clothes to charity
  14. The postman is your friend...
  15. As are the sales people in your favorite stores
  16. Going on a vacation? you pack an empty bag just for shopping
  17. Your friends know they can always rely on you to borrow a special outfit
  18. You may be broke, but you’ll find a way to shop...
  19. You consider shopping a legitimate form of exercise

1 A Lot of Your Clothes Still Have Tags on Them

Of course you'll wear them all someday.

2 Sometimes, You Find Clothes That You Don’t Even Remember Buying

Actually, this happens more often than you’d like to admit.

3 You Can Barely Contain Your Excitement when It’s Sale Season

You HAVE to hit all your favorite stores….obviously!

4 You Find Excuses to Buy Clothes You Don’t Really Need

"But...but...I don't own a dress in this shade of green."

5 You Actually Get Pretty Good at Finding Space for All Your New Clothes...

Good job, brain.

6 You Have the Same Outfit in Different Colors Just Because It Fits so Well!

Can't argue with that.

7 Carrie Bradshaw is Your Hero

She gets you.

8 You Don’t Have to do Laundry Often but when You do, It's a Long, Boring Process...

There's just too much dirty laundry!

9 You've Reached the "can't Close Your Dressers Anymore" Point...

And you can't be bothered to try anymore.

10 You Own a LOT of Hangers ....

and they still seem to be on your shopping list all the time.

11 Sometimes It Feels like You Have Nothing to Wear!

Water, water, everywhere…

12 When Your Significant Other Tells You That You Have a Problem…

13 You Love Giving Away Your Old Clothes to Charity

Not just because it feels good, but because you just created more space for new clothes!

14 The Postman is Your Friend...

"Show me the package."

15 As Are the Sales People in Your Favorite Stores

You probably see them more often than you do some of your friends and family.

16 Going on a Vacation? You Pack an Empty Bag Just for Shopping

Bangkok, here I come.

17 Your Friends Know They Can Always Rely on You to Borrow a Special Outfit

After all, what are friends for?

18 You May Be Broke, but You’ll Find a Way to Shop...

You don’t really need to eat three times a day, do you?

19 You Consider Shopping a Legitimate Form of Exercise

It's not easy to walk from store to store, try on clothes, and win the tug-of-war for that last item of clothing you want.

Does this sound like you?

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